Michael James Murray, co-founder of Philadelphia-based Out of Town Films and a freelance director of photography for VICE, says he was surprised by the amount of life he captured in a 40 second drone video of Montreal. 

"As cold as it was people there have figured out a way to live and not let it harm them which is really inspiring," said Murray.

Michael James Murray

Filmmaker Michael James Murray made a video of Montreal in the winter with a drone. (Dylan Coburn)

For the last year, Murray has been shooting drone video as he travels, from Budapest to Sedona. Montreal was the first snow covered city he shot. 

Murray also composes the music underneath and for Montreal he says he was trying to capture the emotional state many feel during winter months, one he says inspires creativity. 

"Because it forces you to do that otherwise, I don't know what would happen if you don't create ... implode maybe," said Murray. 

Watch the video here:

Montreal from Michael James Murray on Vimeo.