Message in a bottle from Quebec found in France 16 years later

A French newspaper is reporting that a man in Brittany found a message in a bottle originating from Quebec.

Nicolas Morin Of Roxton Falls, Que., sent the note in 1998 and Lucien Sanquer of Brittany found it

A bottle (not the one pictured) washed up on the shores of Crozon in Brittany, France containing a message from Quebec. Lucien Sanquer, who the CBC is trying to contact, found the message. (Rick Rycroft/The Associated Press)

A French newspaper is reporting that a man in Brittany found a message in a bottle originating from Quebec.

Lucien Sanquer found the plastic water bottle with a typed note and a small paper Canadian flag inside of it on Tuesday while on the beach in Crozon.

The message was written in English in April 1998. It reads:

"Hello, my name is Nicolas Morin. I am a boy. I am 16 years old. I was born May 25, 1982. I speak French but I am learning English in school. I have a brother but no sister. My favourite hobby is basketball. My favourite food is pizza. I live in Roxton Falls, a town in Quebec. I hope to hear from you soon."

The letter goes on to ask what school the recipient goes to, and whether they're married.