If there's one thing that will get noticed on a university campus, it's a 4,000 pound brownie. 

McGill University whipped up the massive dessert to draw attention to the university's Fair Trade Campus designation. 

While it could be the largest ever baked, it won't break any official records. 

McGill's executive chef Oliver de Volpi told CBC's Daybreak it all comes down to how they constructed the tasty treat.

What went into the big brownie

Want to make your own big brownie? You'll need:

  • 8,460 eggs
  • 16.75 lbs of baking powder
  • 720 lbs of margarine
  • 360 lbs of fair trade cocoa
  • 420 lbs of organic fair trade dark chocolate
  • 1440 lbs of fair trade sugar
  • 540 lbs of flour