Manuel Delisle, the man accused in a bizarre Quebec road rage incident involving a chainsaw, has pleaded not guilty to armed assault.

Alexandre Hermenier and Karine Cyr say they were driving Sunday in St-Jérôme, Que., just outside of Montreal, when another driver cut them off.

Karine Cyr, road rage chainsaw

Alexandre Hermenier and Karine Cyr say they regret following the driver that cut them off while driving on a road in Saint-Jérôme. (CBC)

Hermenier decided to follow the man and later tried to block him from leaving the scene while Cyr called police.

Cyr recorded the confrontation with her cellphone and later posted it on her Facebook page. It shows a man approaching the vehicle, swearing and revving a chainsaw.

Delisle was arrested on Monday morning and charged Tuesday at the Court of Quebec in St-Jérôme with armed assault.

He pleaded not guilty and was given a conditional release.

The conditions of his release include keeping the peace, staying at least 500 metres away from the couple's home and workplaces and not communicating with them.

Delisle is scheduled to return to court July 7.