A man who kissed a Radio-Canada reporter on the cheek during a live broadcast at Osheaga has apologized for his actions, saying he disrespected her both as a woman and a journalist. 

The reporter, Valerie-Micaela Bain, posted his apology on her Facebook page, alongside a message explaining that she decided not to file a criminal complaint. 

She did not identify the man by name. 

In his apology, the father of two admitted that he'd gone too far in trying to get a laugh from friends at the music festival when he kissed her last Friday. A video of the incident, posted by Bain, was shared on social media and the man's actions were widely condemned. 

"I sent as a message that it was funny, even normal, to kiss a journalist on the cheek during a report," he wrote. "I did not measure up yesterday, of everything that I firmly believe in."

In her Facebook post, Bain said she hopes some good will come out of the incident. 

"I hope that this incident will remind us that we must not trivialize the attacks, no matter how small," she said.

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