Man falls from Big O balcony during baseball exhibition game

A man in his 40s is in hospital in critical condition after falling from the bleachers at the Olympic Stadium.

Police say man in his 40s was critically injured after falling 10 to 15 metres

A night of baseball at the Olympic Stadium ended on a sad note when one man in his 40s fell from the bleachers. (Radio-Canada)

A man in his 40s is in hospital in critical condition after falling from the bleachers at the Olympic Stadium during an exhibition baseball game.

Police say the fall occurred at around 10:20 p.m. Friday when the man on a balcony fell about 10 to 15 metres to the ground below, behind the perimeter fence at centre field.

He was transported to hospital where he remains in critical condition.

Police are investigating the cause of the fall.

The incident put a damper on what started off as an evening filled with cheers of baseball fans inside the stadium.

Gary Carter spent most of his 21-year baseball career in Montreal with the Expos and with the New York Mets.

The city welcomed the Toronto Blue Jays and New York Mets for two games Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.

The pre-season games once again turned the Olympic Stadium, or Big O, into the baseball field it once was — if only for 48 hours.

Mayor Denis Coderre threw the first pitch at Friday's game, which also honoured the late, great Expo Gary Carter.

The Montreal Expos stopped playing 10 years ago, in 2004, when the team was moved to Washington, D.C.

The promoter, Evenko, hopes it's the start of a new annual tradition. The games are nearly sold out.

Some fans frustrated

More than 80,000 people bought tickets for the two games, but for many it was a frustrating experience.
Hundreds of frustrated fans who bought tickets online had to wait more than an hour to pick up their tickets at the Big O. (CBC)

Tickets purchased online had to be picked up in person and by game time hundreds of fans were still waiting — while employees manually searched for the tickets.

Fans with tickets to Saturday's game are advised to show up early and use public transit to get to the Big O.

Take a tour

CBC Montreal's Andie Bennett took a tour of the facilities earlier this week to see how things were shaping up in preparation for the big game. Watch the video above for an insider’s view of the set-up.


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