A Quebec woman who claimed a $52,000 lottery prize was beaten and robbed in her home Tuesday night, prompting her daughter to ask Loto-Québec to refrain from publicizing the win.

Two men entered the home of Evelyn Cassis in Kirkland, on the west end of Montreal Island, and demanded that she hand over cash and jewelry, and then beat her with a stick.

Police reported the men were wearing masks and dressed in black.


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Cassis's daughter, Diana Masciotra, believes it happened because Loto-Québec publishes information about winners.

"I think it's someone who knew us and my mom, because they asked for a specific bracelet that she had, and her face had been everywhere, because she had just won the lottery," Masciotra said.

She said Loto-Québec advertised her mother's name, photo, and the fact that she won $52,000, and that she lives in the Montreal region.

"You never know who's out there watching this, and being like OK, great, 'She just won, I'm going to go rob her,'" Masciotra said.

Jean-Pierre Roy of Loto-Québec said it's important that Quebecers see the faces and names of the winners, so they know the money is being won by real people.

And he doesn't think it's an invitation to steal.

"You could not track down a person just with a name and a city such as Montreal," he said.

But Masciotra has asked Loto-Québec to stop advertising information about her mother. 

She said the agency told her it would comply with the request.