A same-sex couple in Longueuil, Que., is scared after receiving an anonymous letter threatening them for hanging a gay pride flag from their balcony.

The pair, granted anonymity by CBC News to protect their children, said they found the letter after returning home one night from a friend’s place around midnight.

The letter says in French: “For your well-being, remove the homosexual flag! Immediately, as soon as you receive this letter. We don’t want people like you in our neighbourhood. Remove it, keep quiet and we will spare you. And you can continue to live your abominable lives without prejudice. Keep it and you will suffer the consequences.”

The couple called the police and removed the rainbow flag, which had been hanging from the balcony since March.

The two said police are taking the threats seriously and are investigating.

They said they now ensure at least one adult is home at all times, and are reconsidering leaving their children at home alone in the care of the eldest child, who they said is old enough to babysit.

Longueuil couple gets threatening letter for gay pride flag

A couple on Montreal's South Shore found this letter after coming home late one night. (Facebook)