Longueuil police car

A 47-year-old man is facing charges after stealing a car in Longueuil with a child inside.

A man is facing charges in Longueuil after returning a car stolen from a gas station upon finding a five-year-old child in the back seat.

Longueuil police said the car had been idling outside a gas station on Cousineau Boulevard, while the driver had dashed inside to make a quick purchase.

Police spokesperson Tommy Lacroix says the 47-year-old man stole the vehicle without realizing the child was in the back seat. 

"Immediately when the suspect noticed that there was a child in the car, he came back behind the store and left the car over there, with the child in it, and he ran away," Lacroix said.

The child was unhurt and was able to provide police with a comprehensive description of the suspect. He was apprehended minutes later, moving away from the gas station on foot. 

Police said it is possible that the child's mother may also face a fine under the Highway Safety Code for failing to lock her vehicle.