The Quebec government has responded to the Montreal mayor's demand for tougher rules in the awarding of contracts, but the city's opposition still has concerns. 

Jean-François Lisée, the Parti Québécois minister responsible for Montreal, said the government will pass a "new and improved" Bill 1 to cover all contracts over $100,000.

The original bill forces companies bidding on projects worth $50 million or more to be approved by the government. The anti-corruption squad and the financial market regulator would investigate anyone bidding on the contracts.

The provincial government passed Bill 1 to clamp down on bid-rigging in municipal public works contracts last week.

"If we do this right, we can be known as the city that has been the most forceful in fighting corruption," said Lisée.

The city's opposition said it isn't satisfied.

Vision Montréal's Chantal Rouleau said the problem has to do with handing contracts to the lowest bidder.

The city said it would give bureaucrats until June to look at all parts of the process and report back to council.

When the bill was tabled at the Quebec National Assembly, Coalition Avenir Québec leader François Legault said the bill was underwhelming and the PQ should focus on separating money and politics with stiffer spending limits for political parties.

Others were criticizing the idea of forcing authorities to screen more than 20,000 firms that bid on projects.