The Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art has chosen Leonard Cohen to be their man for an exhibition that will take place next year as part of the city's 375th anniversary celebrations. 

"Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything" will open in fall 2017 and feature specially commissioned works from local and international artists drawing on themes from the singer-songwriter-poet-novelist's career. 

The artworks will stretch across disciplines, and include visual and performance-based pieces, as well as music and writing.

"One of the fundamental themes in Cohen's work — the imperfection of the human condition — is clearly evoked in the exhibition's subtitle, A Crack in Everything," the museum's director, John Zeppetelli, said in a news release.

Cohen has agreed to collaborate with the exhibition, which takes its name from the lyrics of his 1992 song "Anthem."

The line runs: "There is a crack, a crack in everything / That's how the light gets in."