A network of Quebec-based legal aid clinic has been overwhelmed with calls from people who want to sue their borough mayors based on testimony at the Charbonneau commission.

Juripop, the same organization that took Bill 78 to Quebec Superior Court, had plans to launch a municipal legal fund in February but its plans were leaked early to the public.

The clinic received about 200 calls from people around the province.

Guillaume Rousseau, who works with Juripop in Sherbrooke, said the tidal wave of calls they've been receiving don't come as a shock.

"We were a bit surprised, but not that surprised," he said. "We kind of expected with the Charbonneau Commission that there would be reaction."

While some people are looking for more information about various legal issues, many have focused their attention on the severe allegations sprouting from the inquiry on corruption in the construction industry.

Rousseau said the fund was initially intended to help people challenge municipal bylaws and not help find local corruption issues.

He said Juripop is telling people to file their complaints with the minister of municipal affairs until the fund is set up early next year.