One of Quebec's most colourful legal figures will be starring in her own television show this coming fall.

Family lawyer Anne-France Goldwater is about to become the province's "Judge Judy" equivalent, hearing small-claims cases and making decisions about personal disputes for a broadcast audience.

A visit to Goldwater's office makes it clear that she's not a stereotypical lawyer.

"These are little toys I've accumulated," she told CBC News pointing to the colourful toys, statues of aliens and cartoon characters that stand in stark contrast to the expected legal books and journals.

Feisty and foul-mouthed – Goldwater makes no apologies for turning the staid legal profession on its head.

"There has to be a certain balls-out attitude that a lawyer must have  to defend a client's interest with all the zeal that is required of us ethically," said Goldwater Tuesday.

Goldwater has done that with success, championing same-sex marriage rights and seeking alimony for common-law spouses in high-profile, complex cases.

It's why producers chose her over all other candidates to preside over a "Judge Judy" style courtroom show on a French-language private network.

Goldwater said she will stay away from the nasty tone of some U.S. reality shows but that doesn't mean she won't speak her mind, something for which she has been admonished by Quebec's bar association in the past.

"It was only when they got to this point where they were saying you have to be more of a lady that I said, 'Oh c'mon man, give that up, my father tried that when I was 16'... it was already too late."

Goldwater's show – "L'Arbitre" – is scheduled to debut this coming fall on the "V" Channel, a privately-owned TV network.

The network is seen throughout Quebec and can also be seen in some parts of Ontario and New Brunswick.