Quebec has announced a $34-million renovation for Montreal's LaSalle Hospital emergency room, just a week after resident doctors made an online plea about their decaying facilities.

Provincial Health Minister Yves Bolduc confirmed the investment Wednesday, which will be used to modernize and expand the hospital's ER to four times its current size.


One of the videos showed a mouldy vent. ((YouTube))

Doctors at the hospital are declaring victory for their online campaign, that went viral last week.

They shot videos of their emergency ward, showing mouldy ceilings and crowded hallways.

"We didn't want to go to videos, no one wants to go there," said Dr. Tony Assouline. "We want to have normal relations with the administration and the government. This was a last resort, and it was done."

Doctors would have never gone online with their complaints had they known a major renovation announcement was coming, he added.

"Fortunately now, we'll have a new ER, and we're very happy."

Bolduc said renovation plans have been in the works for years, and have nothing to do with a YouTube and website campaign that went viral last week.

The new ER will be ready in 2014.

Video: ER talk about hospital conditions in a French video posted on YouTube.