Womens' groups have been critical of the ad featuring Montreal Canadiens forward Georges Laraque. ((YouTube))

Montreal Canadiens enforcer Georges Laraque is in hot water after taking part in an ad campaign some feminist groups are calling sexist.

The ad, for the Octane 7.0 energy drink focuses on the body parts of scantily clad young women.

It ends with the women facing off against Laraque in a game of street hockey.

Laraque is also being criticized because the beverage mixes an energy drink with alcohol — a blend alcohol awareness groups have called dangerous, because energy drinks can make drinkers less aware of the effects of alcohol on their bodies.

Nicolas Gagon-Oosterwaal, the president of Blue Spike — the company that manufactures Octane 7.0 is defending both the ad, and the product.

The ad is geared mainly towards male adults, said Gagnon-Oosterwaal.

And, he said the drink contains a natural form of caffeine — and no ingredients that are prohibited in Canada.