After 43 years as a pharmacist in the tight-knit town of Lac-Mégantic, Claude Charron has deep roots in his community. He's hoping to continue to serve them as the town rebuilds, by setting up a temporary centre to provide people with the medication they need.

CBC first interviewed Charron on Sunday, a day after a runaway train derailed and set off a series of explosions that destroyed most of the town's core.

On Sunday, Charron was convinced his Jean-Coutu pharmacy had been ruined when his store's sprinkler system was triggered by the flames and intense heat.

"Everything is finished," he said on Sunday. "We just finished renovating the store ... and everything is gone again."

However, on Tuesday, when CBC's Debra Arbec was able to meet up with Charron again, she found out he had some good news to share.

He said a friend who was working alongside police told him that the lab was heavily damaged, but the rest of the store will be salvageable.

"The rest of the store seems to be okay," he said.

Until he can get access to his store, Charron has set up a temporary centre to provide residents with much-needed medication.

"We're very close to our customers," he said.