Until now, Dimitrios Koussioulas has hosted his spartan talk show from his Mile End apartment, launching his first twelve episodes in winter, 2012 to an online audience of thousands.

Koussioulas, a former fine art dealer-turned-professional-flâneur, is a resident of Montreal’s Mile End neighbourhood and curator of some of its foremost personalities in his former weekly web series, Parc Avenue Tonight. Inspired by the late-night TV greats, Koussioulas believes strongly in the hyper-local celebrity, inviting some of the neighbourhood's finer restaurateurs, writers, taxidermists, long-time shopkeepers, musicians, real estate developers and casting agents to his couch.

For his television debut, Koussioulas brings his show on the road – or rather, down the road – to Cabaret du Mile End, where he stages Parc Avenue Tonight before a live studio audience. With an eclectic assembly of local luminaries and live musical guests, Parc Avenue Tonight Live! is a one-of-a-kind Montreal comedy/talk show.

Featuring special guests:

AroarA, DeAnne Smith, Cadence Weapon, Sanchez Brothers, The Monday Night Choir, Jonathan Goldstein, Tony Ezzy, and more.



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