All proceeds from the food drive will go to Dans La Rue, an organization that helps street kids. ((Steve Rukavina/CBC))

Students at John Rennie High School fell short of breaking a world food drive record, but still collected enough donations to fill 18 transport trailer trucks with goods.

The Pointe-Claire high school has been running a food drive for a week, and asked people to donate non-perishable items or cash.

In total, donations weighed more than 160,000 kg.

The high school wanted to beat a Guinness World Record for a week-long food drive (254,493 kgs). That record is currently held by a university in North Carolina.

Brian Swirsky, the teacher behind the drive, told CBC News he received a phone call donation of $10,000 before the deadline, and scrambled to spend the money before the clock ran out. 

The food is going to Dans La Rue, an organization that provides help for street kids.

While the record category is technically for a one-week period, the school was allowed to accept some donations prior to this week's final push.