Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon says the Montreal Canadiens ‘poked the bear’ and got what was coming to them.

Fallon gave props to the Habs on his show Monday night for respecting their end of a bet stemming from the team’s playoff series with the New York Rangers.

The Habs had a deal with Fallon that if they lost the series, their mascot Youppi! would wear a New York Rangers jersey around Montreal and post 10 photos while doing so to the Habs’ Twitter account.  

Youppi! oratory

Youppi! bows his head at Saint-Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal. (Montreal Canadiens)

Youppi! did just that over the weekend, and Fallon shared the results with his audience on Monday night.

Fallon told his audience that the Canadiens had originally proposed having Youppi! serve poutine to his house band, The Roots.

“The Roots have a job to do and I didn’t want to sit there and watch them eat food during the show,” Fallon said.

He insisted on the photo shoot, which included the requirement that Youppi! ride the mechanical bull at the Saint-Laurent Boulevard bar Chez Serge.

Fallon called the Canadiens “good sports” for respecting their end of the deal and said it was sad to see Youppi! go through the ordeal.

“It’s really depressing, but it does show you how beautiful a city it is. Montreal is a great place,” Fallon said.