An anglophone from Atlantic Canada who is the founder of a Quebec independence group wants to throw her hat in the ring with the Parti Québécois

Jennifer Drouin said today she'll be seeking to run under the sovereignist party's banner in next year's provincial election in the downtown Montreal riding of Sainte-Marie–Saint-Jacques.

Drouin is a Nova Scotia native and has been a PQ member for nearly 20 years.

The 40-year-old university professor gave a speech at the party's recent convention, describing herself as an "immigrant from a neighbouring country."

Drouin's biography on her website says she is a former English literature professor who's taught in various American universities as well as a visiting scholar at McGill University.

She says she wants to bring together all Quebecers around the independence project, regardless of language or ethnicity.

Drouin could face off against incumbent Manon Massé, a co-spokesperson for left-leaning Québec Solidaire, in the riding once considered a PQ stronghold.