Jeff Stinco connects with family of Montreal nightlife legend

Simple Plan guitarist Jeff Stinco connects with his restaurant namesake's grandson.

Simple Plan guitarist opens new restaurant named after Rufus Rockhead

Simple Plan guitarist Jeff Stinco was in the Homerun studio to speak about his new restaurant Rufus Rockhead when Rockhead's grandson Martin texted in. (CBC)

Simple Plan guitarist Jeff Stinco thought he was coming into CBC Montreal's studio to discuss his new restaurant Rufus Rockhead. What he didn't know is that he would be connected with Rockhead's grandson.

Stinco is the co-owner of the Little Burgundy restaurant named after the Montreal bar owner of Rockhead's Paradise. Rufus Rockhead's bar was the centre of jazz music in the city in the 1910s and '20s, welcoming greats ranging from Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday to Little Burgundy's own Oscar Peterson.

"Rufus Rockhead was the first really flamboyant character in the bar scene," Stinco said about the inspiration for his restaurant's name.

"He invited a lot of musicians from New York and all across the U.S. Oddly enough, we don't know him enough so I wanted to pay tribute to a very important nightlife character of Montreal."

During the interview with Homerun's Sue Smith, a CBC listener texted in.

"Hi! I'm Martin Rufus Rockhead, Rufus' grandson. I would be interested in going to 'Rufus Rockhead' sometime and possibly meeting Mr. Stinco," it read.

Homerun reached out to Martin who said he was surprised.

"I was just really amazed hearing that they are going to be opening a restaurant in my grandfather's name," he said.

Stinco took down Rockhead's number and said he'd definitely be in touch.