The Parti Québécois is once again demanding Jacques Duchesneau, former MNA with Coalition Avenir Québec and anti-corruption crusader, cease and desist with accusations against the party.

In an interview with Radio-Canada last week, Duchesneau said he was convinced that — had the Charbonneau Commission not suspended its hearings for the duration of the 2014 election campaign — the information being presented there could be damaging to the PQ.

He also said he believed PQ leader Pauline Marois triggered the election to avoid having her party sullied at the province’s corruption inquiry.

Now the PQ is demanding Duchesneau stop making accusations while providing no proof. Its lawyers sent Duchesneau a cease-and-desist letter dated March 22.

It isn’t the first time Duchesneau has been ordered to cease and desist by the PQ’s lawyers for statements made against members of the party.

In September, he levelled accusations against former PQ leader André Boisclair regarding his awarding of contracts to well-known Montreal businessman Paul Sauvé. Boisclair sued Duchesneau in return.

CAQ candidate in Montarville, Nathalie Roy, responded Thursday, saying the PQ is trying to “gag” people.

Roy said Duchesneau is not defaming Marois and the PQ, but rather was making true statements as a matter of freedom of expression in a free country.

The PQ, for its part, said it is not restricting Duchesneau’s freedom of expression.