After years of lobbying from suicide prevention groups to do something to prevent people from using the Jacques Cartier Bridge to kill themselves, the federal bridge corporation will construct a suicide prevention barrier on the Montreal landmark.

The Federal Bridge Corporation is looking at spending $1 million to prevent people from jumping to their deaths from the bridge, which is second only to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco as the top suicide spot in the world.

About 10 every year kill themselves on the Jacques Cartier Bridge.

Bridge corporation spokesperson André Girard said that a fence along the bridge will be raised to about two metres high and new video cameras will be installed.

"If anyone tries to climb this fence, the police will have plenty of time to intervene to bring that person to safety in an emergency room," said Girard.

Suicide prevention expert Brian Mishara said that it's good news that something is being done.

But he said the corporation could have spent more money to install higher barriers and is disappointed that it chose a cheaper, less effective solution.

"The difference between $1 million and $5 million is not that much compared to other public safety expenses to save lives," he said.

Mishara said that it's been proven time and again that installing suicide prevention barriers on bridges is a good way to save lives.