Some members of Montreal's Italian community are upset over a TV ad which they say negatively associates them with corruption.

Rat man anti-corruption ad

The ad portrays a man with a rat tail stuffing money into a safe. (Montreal blue collar workers' union)

The ad was paid for by Montreal's blue collar union and shows a man with a giant rat tail stuffing money into a safe while traditional Italian music plays.

"Nobody can deny the fact that… some names heard on the Charbonneau commission sound Italian, but we want to assure the Italian community that it was not an attack against them," said union representative Stéphan Meloche, pointing out that a lot of French names were also mentioned.

Meloche said it was a "funny, satiric" thing to be taken at face value.

Watch CBC News reporter Pierreluc Gagnon's story above, and the ad in its entirety right here: