Injured jogger says Montreal bus driver waved her away

A 60-year-old woman says an STM bus driver refused to help her after she tripped and fell head-first into the concrete.

60-year-old woman says she was left bleeding on the street by an STM employee

Woman says bus driver ignored her plea for help as she bled on the street 1:51

A woman from the Town of Mount-Royal (TMR) who says a bus driver refused to help her when she was injured has filed a complaint with Montreal’s public transit corporation.

She says the driver sat idle in his bus while she bled on the sidewalk.

Romana Rogashewska, 60, says she was jogging near the bus terminal in TMR on Sunday at about 7:20 p.m. when she tripped, hit her head on the pavement and briefly passed out.

"I went flying head-first into the concrete," Rogashewska said.

Rogashewska says once she regained consciousness, she was bleeding "profusely" from her nose, mouth and leg.

That’s when she spotted an out-of-service bus nearby. Rogashewska says she banged on the door to ask the driver for help, but the driver refused.

"He wouldn't move. He just did a gesture with his hand as if to wave me away," she said.

"I couldn't believe it."

She said she asked, in French, if she could just come inside the parked bus and sit down for a moment to collect herself. But she said the driver told her to call an ambulance.

Eventually Rogashewska made her way to a nearby convenience store. She said a store clerk helped her clean up and a customer drove her home.

Now the 60-year old woman is asking for an apology from the STM.

"My taxes are paying for this gentleman's very high-paying salary. He could not even react as a human being to another human being," she said.

The STM said it has received her complaint and is looking into the issue.

STM officials confirmed employees are bound by a code of ethics that obliges them to be respectful and courteous.