The International Civil Aviation Organization says it's moving quickly to improve the global tracking of airline flights.

The UN agency expects to have a series of recommendations in place by September.

ICAO's response comes after a special two-day meeting at its Montreal headquarters looked at ways to improve airline flight tracking.

An ICAO official says different suitable technologies are available and the first step is to put them in place beginning later this year.

The world body that governs civil aviation says the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370 in March was an anomaly and maintains that air travel remains safe.


ICAO officials Kevin Hiatt and Nancy Graham say a new task force will meet once a month starting in June. (CBC)

Nancy Graham, the director of ICAO's air navigation bureau, told a news conference today that the bulk of the global air fleet has the tracking capabilities but that changes in hardware, software and procedures must be made.

She also says any changes would not be terribly expensive or difficult.

A 20-member task force has already started work and includes representatives from ICAO, the International Air Transport Association, the airline industry as well as pilots.