Hydro-Québec crews dispatched to N.B., New England

Hydro-Québec has dispatched 65 crews to regions that are without power due to the blizzard hitting parts of the Maritimes and New England.

About 650K customers in the dark in northeastern U.S.

Environment Canada has issued a blizzard warning in effect for southern New Brunswick. (CBC/@michelnogue)

Hydro-Québec has dispatched 65 crews to regions that are without power due to the blizzard hitting parts of the Maritimes and New England.

"Hydro-Québec very early this morning sent 50 teams to Massachusetts and another 15 teams to New Brunswick," said the provincial utility's spokesman, Gary Sutherland.

Sutherland said the utility received the emergency request early this morning from its partners with the Northeast Mutual Aid Group (NEMAG,) a group of electrical distribution companies that will offer each other assistance in situations such as this one.

He said each crew consists of two Hydro-Québec line workers in a fully-equipped truck.  He said some administrative support workers may also be involved in such a large-scale operation.

He said the crews' final destination in New England is still to be determined.

"Right now they are in the United States.  They have gone over the border," Sutherland said early this morning. "They will be directed to wherever the local distribution companies need their help."

At least 650,000 households and businesses are without power in New England, and more than 700 customers are in the dark in New Brunswick.

Friday's storm dumped about 40 centimetres of snow on some areas of Massachusetts, and by the time the blizzard over, Boston could receive close to a metre of snow.

Boston's Logan airport has suspended all flights until tomorrow.  New York City's three airports are also shut down.