Hundreds of private subsidized daycares in the province are considering pressure tactics in response to the Quebec government’s plan to cut $15 million from their budgets.

The president of the Quebec Private Daycares Association says after meeting with the Minister of Family four times and making no progress, the daycares are discussing pressure tactics.

President Sylvain Lévesque says the cuts would impact funding that helps keep staff salaries comparable to those in the public daycare system and contributes towards the high quality of care provided for children.

The association represents 600 daycares, which provide care for about 50,000 children.

Lévesque said the worst case scenario would be a shut-down of private daycares for five days.

But he said the first step would likely be opening daycares at 8 a.m., one hour later than normal.

Parents could feel the affects of the pressure tactics as soon as next week.