Accused stalker Howard Krupp was arrested by Montreal police again today for two cases of alleged molestation that date back four decades.

Montreal police said they have reason to believe Krupp committed crimes of a sexual nature against minors between 1970 and 1976, and they are asking for the public’s help in identifying more victims.

Krupp is expected to appear in court on April 8 to be charged with two counts of indecent assault.

Montreal police are asking people who may have been victims of Krupp’s, or who have more information about him, to call 514-280-2299.

Known to police

The 68-year-old man is already facing charges following his November arrest for allegedly stalking schoolchildren in Kirkland on Montreal’s West Island.

He pleaded not guilty to two counts of criminal harassment of children and was released on bail, with conditions.

Krupp will be back in a Montreal courtroom tomorrow for an appearance related to those charges.

More than a decade ago, in 2000, Krupp was arrested and pleaded guilty to charges of possession and distribution of child pornography. He was sentenced to 18 months to be served in the community. 

When contacted by CBC previously, Krupp said he got a pardon for those charges from 2000.