Alexandru Duru, the Montreal resident who broke the Guinness World Record for the farthest flight by hovercraft, says he's been overwhelmed by the response to the video of his feat.

It was posted last Friday and has already been viewed well over three million times.

"It's just crazy. It's amazing," he told CBC Montreal's Homerun on Monday. 

"I'm really happy it made it so far. My team and I worked really hard to get here."

Duru used his machine to travel more than 250 metres — five times the previous record — at a height of five metres above Quebec's Lake Ouareau.

Duru and his business partner, Philippe Maalouf, hope to have a new prototype finished by the end of the year and then have hovercrafts available for purchase across the country.

They negotiated a deal to manufacture the aircraft outside Canada and "are close" to finishing and testing the new model, Duru said.

Duru said he's been approached with interesting business opportunities since the video was posted. He said his team has more plans in store but was coy about the details.

"We're preparing something," he said. 

"Be assured that we're not stopping. We're working on something that's... amazing."

with files from The Canadian Press