Computer code is something the mystifies — even intimidates — many people. But advocates say that spending just one hour with code can make that angst disappear and reveal a world of possibilities.

That's what Hour of Code, a global movement to introduce people to computer programming, is all about. Spend one hour playing with code this week, either through personal workshops, online tutorials or teacher-led lessons.

"In that hour you can discover all sorts of things," said Kate Arthur, co-founder of Kids Code Jeunesse, a Montreal non-profit that offers free training for children.

She would know. Arthur is an English literature major.

"It's not my world, computer science. But the ability to know how to read and write code is part of my literature. It's part of my ability to communicate," she told CBC Montreal's Daybreak.

scratch napkin man

Scratch is a visual programming language that introduces kids to the logic of computer programs in a fun way. (CBC)

CBC has partnered with the organization to offer two online tutorials that families can use at home.

There will also be activities for families on Saturday at Notman House on 51 Sherbrooke Street West:

  • For kids six and above: create digital season's greeting cards.
  • For kids 10 and above: an introduction to Python, one of the world's most popular programming languages.

The events are free, but registration is required.