Homerun listener names heifer 'Aurora'

A heifer calf born at the MacDonald Campus Farm was named Aurora by Homerun listener Marie-Claude Cuerrier.

Newborn calf from MacDonald Campus Farm in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue named

This heifer calf is newly named Aurora after the Aurora Borealis. (Paul Meldrum)

A calf born at MacDonald Campus Farm in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue on Thursday has a new name.

CBC Montreal's Homerun asked listeners to name this cow. The name had to start with the letter "A" because at the farm, all cows must have the same starting letter as their mother. This calf's mother is named Arielle.

Many listeners weighed in but farm general manager Paul Meldrum chose the name Aurora, named after the Aurora Borealis that was visible by some Montrealers on Thursday night. 

More than one listener came up with the name but picking from a hat, Marie-Claude Cuerrier was selected as the winner. She'll be going on a MacDonald Campus Farm tour, get to meet Aurora and will go home with a farm hoodie.