In the basement of a factory, a dozen men snack on Timbits and drink wine while others operate heavy machinery.

For years, they've gathered here, at the Musée des Ondes Emile Berliner, to tinker with pieces of equipment and give them new life.

Recently, they've helped give the museum new life as well. 

Major renovations are happening in this former RCA factory at 1050 Lacasse Street.

This hidden gem in the heart of St-Henri was where Emile Berliner built some of the most famous inventions of the 20th century and where some well-known artists have recorded. 

Part of St-Henri's industrial past is being carried into the present and the future by the building and the people who work there. 

Through the years with the Musée des Ondes Emile Berliner1:38


Learn more about people who inspired the museum and those who are working hard to help it grow:

The inventor: Emile Berliner 
Emile Berliner full

The staff member: Meggie Savard 
Staff of Musée des Ondes Emile Berliner

The volunteer: Robert McDuff 
Musée des Ondes Emile Berliner volunteer Robert McDuff

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