A majestic silver maple tree that has grown on Old Orchard Avenue in Côte-des-Neiges—Notre-Dame-de-Grâce for more than 150 years may not be cut down after all, at least for now.

The tree, which towers over the houses that line the street, was expected to be chopped down when city experts found that part of its trunk was rotten.

The borough felt it posed a threat to nearby homes. But that news was not taken lightly by some NDG residents.

Borough Mayor Russell Copeman posted a statement on his Facebook page on Thursday, saying the tree will only be cut down if "deemed necessary by our arborists in order to protect public safety." 

"The tree is most definitely not healthy. Our professionals have done a number of inspections and have documented the problems," he said. 

"However, to ensure we have the best information available, at additional taxpayer expense, we have engaged the services of an outside expert to examine the tree and report on its condition. No action will be taken before we receive this independent report."

NDG city councillor Peter McQueen echoed those remarks, saying that because "it's such and old and respected tree in NDG, we're going to get a second outside opinion by a tree expert."

The independent analysis is expected to be done in the next two weeks.