The westbound Highway 40 at Hymus Boulevard is once again open to traffic after concrete fell onto a car from the Henri-Bourassa overpass above late Monday morning.

The accident happened around 11:30 a.m. ET. 

One car's hood and windshield were heavily damaged after the concrete fell onto it, while several other cars sustained minor damage, mostly owing to debris on the ground that caused punctured tires, said Gino Paré of the Sûreté du Québec.

There were no reported injuries.

Transports Québec officials closed the highway's westbound lanes so that workers could inspect the overpass structure. 

Transports Québec spokeswoman Caroline Larose told CBC News that the concrete came from underneath a guardrail on the Henri-Bourassa overpass but said inspectors have since deemed the structure to be safe.

Concrete-damaged car

Concrete fell from an overpass and damaged a car passing underneath on Highway 40. No one was injured and inspectors say the overpass is structurally safe. ( Claude Bonin)

"It was not structural," she said. "It did not come from underneath the infrastructure."

"It's definitely safe," she said.

Larose referred to the fallen concrete as "cosmetic concrete" that might have come loose as a result of weather conditions.

Possible overnight closure

Inspectors will return to the structure tonight for further inspections tonight. If anything else needs to be secured, that work will be done, Larose said. 

The inspections could lead to possible closures of Highway 40 overnight. 

She added that all other overpasses bearing similar guardrails will also be inspected and secured if necessary. 

Hymus map

Highway 40 West is closed after a piece of concrete fell onto a car. (Google Maps)

Hwy 40

Highway 40 West was closed completely after a piece of concrete fell onto a car.

With files from The Canadian Press