Habs prospect Blake Geoffrion faces uncertain future after head injury

The Canadiens' Blake Geoffrion suffered a skull fracture during a game at Montreal's Bell Centre on Nov. 9 and may not be able to return to the ice.

Geoffrion's father says he may never play again despite recovery

Doctors had to remove a piece of Blake Geoffrion's skull and repair it with titanium following an incident during a hockey game on Nov. 9. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graham Hughes)

It isn't clear whether one of the top prospects of the Montreal Canadiens will be able to hit the ice again after a serious head injury.

Forward Blake Geoffrion suffered a skull fracture during an American Hockey League game at Montreal's Bell Centre on Nov. 9.

His father, former NHL player Danny Geoffrion, told CBC News doctors made several life-saving decisions and expect his son to make a full recovery.

"Everything has been handled first class by the Canadiens, as usual," said his father. "But if it wasn't for a couple of quick calls that the trainer and the doctor made there on the spot to get him into the ambulance and into the hospital, Blake could not have been here with us today or have severe brain damage."

After a hip-check from Syracuse Crunch's Jean-Phillipe Côté, Blake's body flipped and his head hit Côté's skate.

He left the ice almost immediately and was rushed to hospital.

According to Geoffrion's father, he went into convulsions during a CAT scan and doctors made the decision to relieve pressure from his brain.

Doctors had to remove a piece of skull and replace it with titanium.

"It was 1:00 a.m. Friday night and the doctors are looking at you saying that if the swelling doesn't go down in 30 minutes in the next CAT scan that Blake could have brain damage," said Geoffrion.

He added his family is "taking it one day at a time" and making sure Blake Geoffrion is recovering.

"It's a rougher sport than it was back then," said Danny Geoffrion. "The guys are bigger, stronger faster and they're playing in suits of armor."

The 24-year-old Bulldogs player has a storied hockey pedigree. He is the grandson of the late Hockey Hall of Famer Bernie (Boom Boom) Geoffrion.

Bernie Geoffion's wife, Marlene, was the daughter of Hall of Famer Howie Morenz, who died in 1937 while still a member of the Canadiens.

Danny Geoffrion said it's a good thing his son has a college degree to rely on in the event that he cannot return to the rink.