Gordon Ramsay sues Montreal BBQ for $2.7M

British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is suing Montreal's Laurier BBQ restaurant, after a public quarrel over the eatery's rebirth.
Chef Gordon Ramsay, right, passes out some food during a cooking demonstration in August 2011, when Montreal restaurant 'Laurier Gordon Ramsay' launched to great fanfare. Head chef Guillermo Russo looks on. (Graham Hughes/Canadian Press)

British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is suing Montreal's Laurier BBQ restaurant, after a public quarrel over the eatery's rebirth.

Ramsay has filed a lawsuit in Quebec Superior Court, seeking $2.7 million in moral and punitive damages from the Montreal institution's managers.

The enfant terrible of celebrity chefdom lent his name to the restaurant, located on Montreal's chic Laurier Avenue.

He helped revamp the restaurant's menu and look.

But the business relationship went sour, and there was a parting of ways, as reports emerged about Ramsay's "hands-off" approach. 

Ramsay's name was abruptly removed from the outdoor sign in mid-February.

The restaurant is now known as Laurier 1936.