How often have you put your empty wine bottles in the recycling bin?

It's almost habit for most Quebecers, thinking they're doing their bit for the environment. But one the province's biggest unions says we may just be fooling ourselves.

Le Syndicat des Métallos, which represents glassworkers in the province, were handing out flyers in front of SAQ outlets Saturday morning. 

"Even if you're trying hard, your bottles still end up at in a landfill," said a pamphlet distributed by the union.

Only about a third of glass bottles put into recycling bins are properly recycled.

The union said a way to fix that would be creating glass bottle consignment in the province. It proposes allowing people to return wine bottles to SAQs so the bottles can be recycled.

Right now, the glass bottle factory Owens Illinois, in Pointe-Saint-Charles, isn't able to access enough recycled glass from Quebec. The factory needs to buy glass, which costs extra money and "threatens the jobs" of the 323 workers at the factory, according to the union.

The Quebec government is reviewing its waste management programs for waste management, but has no plans to start a glass bottle consignment program.