Thousands of protesters assembled in downtown Montreal on Sunday afternoon to demand an end to the conflict in Gaza.

The crowd took off just before 1 p.m. ET, marching from Place Émilie-Gamelin to the Canadian government's Montreal offices at Guy-Favreau Complex. 

Gaza demo

A man waiting for protesters to pass by gives the peace sign in support. (CBC)

Dozens of Palestinian flags waved as protesters demanded that Prime Minister Stephen Harper end his support of Israel. They chanted messages in support of the Palestinian people. 

Members of the CSN and FTQ union-federations were present at the demonstration, as were the Quebec Women's Federation, Québec Solidaire, the Bloc Québecois and the anti-war activist group Échec à la guerre.

A month of war has killed 1,893 Palestinians and 67 Israelis while devastating wide tracts of small, densely populated Gaza. 

They snaked through the eastern part of downtown, first heading north on Berri Street before reaching their final destination around 3 p.m. ET, just a few linear blocks from the starting point.

The protest was mostly peaceful, save for a minor altercation with a small group of Jewish American tourists. The tourists, who took the opportunity to voice their support for Israel during the protest, were told to leave by Montreal police.

No one was injured.

Gaza demo

The protesters walked north on Berri Street, carrying with them a huge Palestinian flag. They were protesting the conflict in Gaza. (CBC)

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