The Quebec coroner's office said it could take months before it releases its findings into the death of former boxer Arturo Gatti, above. ((Richard Drew/Associated Press))

The Quebec coroner's office vehemently denies a report that it has concluded boxer Arturo Gatti committed suicide.

It disputes suggestions that it agrees with the Brazilian authorities who believe the former champion hanged himself.

Montreal's La Presse newspaper reported that it had obtained details of a second autopsy — this one conducted in Quebec — that confirmed the suicide finding from Brazilian authorities. Gatti was found dead July 11 in a seaside resort in Brazil.

But the Quebec coroner's office released a statement Tuesday saying it was still gathering material, and that it could take months to publish its findings.

"Despite what's being reported, at no point did the coroner's office or one of its representatives deliver any such information (confirming suicide)," the statement said.

"The coroner's office wants to dissociate itself from these supposed leaks and all other speculation that's appeared in certain media in recent days."

The coroner's office said it had yet to receive a report from the second autopsy, and had only received a portion of the documents it requested from authorities in Brazil.

The Quebec office says it will share its findings in a public report — but says it will take a while.

"Given the complexity associated with the international character of this case, several months will probably be required," the statement said.

Gatti's widow had expressed relief at the report in La Presse.

Amanda Rodrigues was initially suspected of killing her husband, but was quickly freed as Brazilian authorities concluded Gatti committed suicide.