The fight over the estate of Montreal's Arturo Gatti returned to court Tuesday as the boxer's family continued its battle against his widow for millions of dollars.

Arturo Gatti was found dead at a resort in Brazil in 2009. His wife Amanda Rodrigues was initially arrested in connection with his death but was released after Brazilian police ruled Gatti had taken his own life.

On Tuesday, Gatti's childhood friend Chris Santos told the Montreal courtroom the boxer described Rodrigues as foul-mouthed and bad tempered.

He testified Gatti showed up one day with a black eye. Santos says it came from the late boxer's wife.

He said he also heard Rodrigues scream at her husband over the phone and Gatti tell her, "This time, it's over."

However, a few months later the couple had a notary prepare their wills, leaving their estates to each other.

The notary also drafted an agreement that would see Gatti pay his wife $1 million if he ever cheated on her.

Gatti's family is asking the court to annul his will.

His family and his manager have never believed the boxer killed himself.

His manager hired private investigator Paul Ciolino to look into the case. Ciolino said he found the police investigation was flawed and believes that Gatti was murdered.

"We've pretty much determined he didn't do it," he said. "I've got experts that certainly have nothing in this game except their professional reputation who are going to come in and say this was not a suicide."

Gatti's family wants the results of Ciolino's investigation to be admitted as evidence. The lawyers for his widow said they plan to contest that.

Ciolino said he will make the findings of his 11-month investigation public at a news conference in North Bergen, New Jersey, on Wednesday.

He said experts he consulted, including a medical pathologist and a crime scene expert, will attend to talk about some of the evidence.