Controversial ex-blogger Gab Roy, known for his sexual remarks about Quebec actress Mariloup Wolfe, has been released on bail after a court appearance that saw him charged with sexual touching of a child under 16, incitement to sexual touching and internet luring.

Roy was arrested Tuesday morning and appeared in court Wednesday afternoon. His release came with conditions that, among other things, prohibit him from being alone with anyone under 16 other than his own children without supervision. He also can't use the internet or a phone with internet capability.

He is scheduled to be back in court on June 11.

Quebec provincial police began its investigation following a video published on the internet in which a young girl said she had been “abused” by Roy when she was 15. She said she tried to commit suicide and suggested there was another victim.

Last October, Roy published a text on his own website that recounted his sexual fantasies regarding a Quebec actress. The language he used suggested the woman in his fantasy would not be a consenting party in the encounter. 

The post caused a stir on social media, leading the blogger to remove the text and apologize.

However, Wolfe still launched a $300,000 civil lawsuit against him in March. She said Roy violated her private life and her dignity with that blog post.

Roy has since quit public life.

Gab Roy

A video posted online that led Quebec provincial police to open its investigation into ex-blogger Gab Roy included display of a sign that translated into English reads: 'You ruined my life Gab Roy.'