French news station TF1 airs 'cliché' video of wintry Quebec

A news station in France, TF1, is raising eyebrows after it aired a travel feature that dubbed Quebec "The Country of Caribou" and described it as a region "covered by white eight months of the year."

Travel feature says Quebec is covered by snow eight months of the year

A video aired by French news station TF1 says Quebec is under snow 8 months of the year. 4:10

A French news station is raising some eyebrows after it aired a travel feature on Quebec City that some are calling cliché.

The news announcer introduces Quebec as the "pays de caribou,” or the country of caribou.

In Quebec City, residents often joke that the region has only two seasons - winter and the month of July.- TF1 travel feature

He introduces a video that pans across snow-covered landscapes, showing activities such as dog-sledding, shovelling snow and ice climbing.

“In this region, covered by white eight months of the year, one must learn how to live with the cold and the ice,” the journalist says in French.

“In Quebec City, residents often joke that the region has only two seasons — winter and the month of July.”

Quebec Tourism Minister Pascal Bérubé says that while he’s glad to see Quebec gain some international attention, he says he would have preferred to see a more modern depiction of the province.

France news station, TF1, is under fire for a travel feature it aired about Quebec. (TF1)

“The image that the journalist refers to is like old clichés. It's not representative of what we have right now in Quebec, especially in the winter time,” Bérubé said.

“Quebec is not about the deer, it's not about the husky dog. We have a lot to do in Quebec.”

Bérubé said government staff in France will be sending travel information, packaged in Quebec, to the French television station.


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