A family from France says it is considering moving to Montreal permanently because their daughter can't get the treatment she needs in her home country for a potentially fatal syndrome.

"Toulouse told us to go to Paris, Paris told us to go to Toulouse and in Toulouse we were sent to Montpellier," said girl's mother Hélène Corbec, of Toulouse.

She said it's been frustrating to be bounced from hospital to hospital as she and her husband sought treatment for their  adopted daughter, Coralie, who has Di George Syndrome.

The rare genetic disorder has a spectrum of symptoms, including congenital heart failure and learning disabilities.

In Coralie's case, symptoms include debilitating arthritis that forces her to use a wheelchair because she can't stand up for very long.

This isn't the first time they've flown across the Atlantic Ocean or treatment.

Corbec said they came last March when Coralie received treatment from a  doctor at Montreal's Sainte-Justine Children's Hospital.

She said the doctor recommended stem cell injections to help with Coralie's arthritis. She said French doctors refused to provide that treatment.

Corbec said each trip to Canada costs about $48,000, which she said the family can't afford to keep paying.