Four people were arrested by the Sûreté du Québec on Wednesday morning for allegedly helping Benjamin Hudon-Barbeau and Danny Provençal escape from the Saint-Jérôme detention centre by helicopter in March.

Luana Larose, 30, brothers Vincent and Samuel Barbeau, 25 and 26, and a fourth suspect, 27, who has not been identified, were arrested.

The police believe they were involved in planning the escape. They are set to appear in a Saint-Jérôme court on Thursday. 

Provençal, jailed primarily for home invasion, and Hudon-Barbeau, who was arrested in connection with the SharQc anti-biker gang operation, escaped in the afternoon of Sunday, March 17.

Police said accomplices hijacked the helicopter, forcing the pilot at gunpoint to help the inmates escape.

The pilot was instructed to land on the roof of one of the buildings of the detention centre.

The two prisoners then climbed a rope attached to the helicopter, and were taken near Saint-Sauveur, about 21 kilometres away.

After landing, the suspects got into a car and drove to a cabin in Chertsey, Que, about 80 kilometres north of the detention centre.

The fugitives were soon spotted and arrested after exchanging gun fire with authorities.