Food baskets help brighten some Montrealers' holidays

Moisson Montreal, Canada's largest food bank, received more than 74,000 kilograms of food donations this holiday season.

Moisson Montreal received 74,000 kilograms of food donations, but still can't meet the demand

Dany Michaud is the director of Moisson Montreal. He says the organization is short about $200,000 to be able to respond to Montrealers in need who use the food bank service. (CBC)

Watch the video clip below for more on Moisson Montreal's food drive

Moisson Montreal, Canada's largest food bank, received more than 74,000 kilograms of food donations this holiday season, and more than 200 volunteers were on hand on Saturday to help sort through it.

But it's still not enough to feed all the Montrealers who would otherwise go hungry.

More than 140,000 people benefit from Moisson Montreal's food baskets every month, and director Dany Michaud says the organization is still accepting donations of food, time and money. 

"We hope the people will be very generous because we are a little bit behind for now. We are $200,000 behind for now so we ask the people to continue to helping us because it's that time of the year, we need the people, we hope so the people will listen to us," Michaud said.