Fire at Montreal Trudeau airport sent 'people running'

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is investigating after hundreds of passengers were forced to evacuate a plane at Montreal's Trudeau airport.

Passengers forced to make emergency escape after luggage conveyor catches fire

Paramedics treated seven people for minor injuries or smoke inhalation after a fire broke out on the tarmac at Montreal's Trudeau Airport.

An employee at Montreal's Trudeau airport said he saw black smoke billowing from the tarmac as passengers were forced to evacuate a plane yesterday. 

Ricardo Hernandez, who works as a plane refueller at the airport, said he was driving across the tarmac when the incident happened. 

“I saw people running. I didn't know there was a fire. Then I looked at the plane and I saw black smoke,” he said.

About 250 passengers and crew members on the Royal Air Maroc flight were forced to make an emergency exit from the plane yesterday when a baggage conveyor caught fire. 

'I saw people running ... I looked at the plane and I saw black smoke.' - Ricardo Hernandez, plane refueller at Trudeau airport

Raw video shows passengers tumbling out of the plane’s escape chutes as smoke plumes rise behind the airplane, soon after it arrived in Montreal from Casablanca.

"I saw a few mechanics helping passengers, giving them their jackets .. we tried to help a little bit, but everything was controlled really fast," Hernandez said.

Five of the passengers were treated at hospital, some of them for smoke inhalation and others for minor injuries.

Officials are expected to examine the evacuation procedure.

Investigators with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada said they believe the fire might have been started by a fuel leak on the luggage conveyor.


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