As more same-sex couples choose to get married and have children, their families are coming face-to-face with old prejudices and stereotypes. 

Quebec's LGBT Family Coalition is working to fight that through educational programs in schools where, students say, homophobic language runs rampant.

"It's become banal, all the homophobic language – that's so gay, those shoes are gay, the hockey game last night was gay, or you're a fag or whatever. The language is so common," said Mona Greenbaum, the coalition's executive director.

The organization, which is funded by the education ministry, trains teachers so they have tools to tackle homophobia.

They'd like to see the training become part of the curriculum and be required learning for all teachers.

CBC Montreal's Debra Arbec reports on how the organization is working to change hurtful habits before they become lifelong behaviours.