A Quebec father charged with aggravated assault in connection with the death of his teenaged daughter has been released on bail.


Nouténé Sidimé died three days after her father slapped her in the face. ((Radio-Canada))

Moussa Sidimé, 71, was granted bail Monday afternoon at the Longueuil courthouse, south of Montreal, after several delays in his case.

The crown postponed his bail hearing twice pending autopsy results on his daughter, Nouténé, 13, who died three days after her father slapped her in the face.

The pathologist's report found Nouténé suffered hemorrhaging in the eyes, lungs, and brain, but had no visible signs of violence on her body.

The Crown was unable to press further charges against Sidimé, prompting his release on $2,000 bail, explained his defence lawyer.

"There's nothing, no marks, not even a slap mark, not even a reddish mark on [her] face," said Marie-Josée Duhaime, Sidimé's defence attorney.

"There is nothing that could justify his detention, that he would be violent."


Moussa Sidimé, 71, told the court he slapped his daughter.

Moussa Sidimé called authorities on Oct. 6 to report his daughter's injury. When police arrived at the family's Longueil home, they found the teenager unconscious on the kitchen floor, bleeding from the nose.

Nouténé was taken to hospital, where she never regained consciousness. She died three days later.

At his bail hearing, Sidimé told the court he did slap his daughter in the face, but said he had never acted violently towards her before. Other family members testified about Sidimé's character, telling the court he is a mild-mannered man incapable of violence.

Sidimé spent 2½ weeks in detention waiting for his bail hearing.

He has been ordered to turn in his passport, stay in Quebec, report to police weekly, and to refrain from contact with minors without adult supervision.

Sidimé will return to court Jan. 25 for a hearing to set his trial date.