A Montreal dad has finally been reunited with his family after they were trapped in Gaza for over a month.

Ghassan Elgadi was eagerly waiting at Montreal's Trudeau airport on Thursday morning with a bouquet of roses in hand.

He said he couldn''t find words to express his happiness "after all this suffering."


The youngest member of the Elgadi family, three-year-old Dania, is happy to be home. (Shari Okeke/CBC)

His wife, Ola Elgadi, and their three daughters had been stranded in Gaza for over a month.

Ola Elgadi​ took her children to Gaza last August to see her ailing father, in spite of warnings by the Canadian government discouraging travel to the region. 

Ola's husband did not join his family on the trip.

The family was stranded when authorities closed the Egyptian border in response to a deadly attack on an Egyptian military base. 

Elghadi Family

Ghassan Elgadi's three daughters (pictured) were stranded with their mother in Gaza after Egypt closed the border in September. (Ghassan Elgadi / CBC)

For the past two months, Ghassan had pleaded with officials and the Canadian government to help his family return.

After finding out on Wednesday that his family would finally return, he was elated. 

"They put her name in the listing in the Egyptian border side, so they called her. As soon as she told me that they called her it's a big relief for me," he said.